%%item_media%% Jeera Kanji Recipe with Step by Step Pictures. Jeeraka kanji recipe with step by step pictures. Delicious and nutritious cumin porridge made using broken matta rice.  Jeeraka Kanji Recipe Cumin porridge is nothing but broken rice cooked with coconut cumin paste and crispy shallots and curry leaves added inContinue Reading


%%item_media%% Cherupayar Ularthiyathu or Green gram stir fry with step by step pictures. Simple stir fried green gram taste amazing with rice or porridge like my Paal Kanji. Cherupayar Ularthiyathu Recipe Green gram stir fry recipe with step by step pictures. This recipe is super easy to make and goesContinue Reading


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%%item_media%% Muttai Paniyaram Recipe with step by step pictures. Egg Paniyaram Recipe can be easily made by Take some dosa batter and eggs along with green chillies, onions and spices to make this high protein recipe. Muttai Paniyaram Recipe I love kuzhi paniyaram a lot, they are not only easyContinue Reading


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