%%item_media%% Uppu Seedai is a popular south indian snack made with rice flour, urad dal flour and coconut specially during krishna jayanthy. These crunchy bite size balls taste so delicious but considered complicated because some people has experienced seedai bursting accidents. In this blog post, I have covered tips andContinue Reading


%%item_media%% Creamy and Luxurious Hot Chocolate which is a Hug in a Mug. Comforting warm chocolate drink during cold winter season or just to lift upto your mood on a gloomy day. You will love every sip of this smooth hot chocolate drink. Learn how to make with step byContinue Reading


%%item_media%% Soft & chewy chocolate chips cookies recipe is made just flour, butter, sugar & chocolate chips. Yogurt & brown sugar is used instead of eggs which makes the cookies softer & chewier. You will never believe this cookies are Eggless! Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe Chocolate chip cookies whichContinue Reading


%%item_media%% With baking hundreds of chocolate chip cookies over the past decade. I am telling you this is one of the most delicious chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe you will find on this blog. Melted butter, brown sugar and some patience is all you need to make this cookies alsoContinue Reading


%%item_media%% Chilli chutney | Milagai Chutney is a spicy Indian condiment which is fiery and flavourful. This chilli garlic chutney is usually served with any breakfast dish including popular idli, dosa, paniyaram, masala dosa, pongal and vada. Chilli Chutney Recipe It’s been a while since i posted any chutney recipe. I love trying different chutney recipes.Continue Reading


%%item_media%% Coconut Chutney Recipe with step by step pictures. This is an extremely simple and essential chutney recipe prepared with just basic ingredients. Coconut Chutney Coconut chutney takes place in our breakfast menu quite often, since hubby loves it so much. I make quite a few variations to it..Check outContinue Reading


%%item_media%% Chia Pudding is a healthy no cook pudding made using chia seeds, milk of choice, sweetener, fruits, nuts. This perfect breakfast pudding is a great way to start a day. Chia Pudding Recipe This has become my latest addiction. It is super healthy and makes a great breakfast. SinceContinue Reading


%%item_media%% Homemade Mango Milk Recipe with step by step pictures. Refreshing Mango milk made with ripe fresh mangoes makes a delicious yet healthy beverage. Mango Milk Recipe This is a delicious mango milk which taste so yummy. It is quite easy to make. Store homemade mango syrup in fridge andContinue Reading


%%item_media%% Baklava Recipe with step by step pictures. This recipe combines layers of sugar-soaked crisp phyllo pastry and nut mixture with pistachios. Baklava Baklava may seem time consuming dessert to make. But it is actually very easy to make. This baklava is made with minimum ingredients like phyllo pastry, nuts,Continue Reading


%%item_media%% Homemade Phyllo Dough Recipe with step by step pictures. Phyllo means leaf or sheet in Greek, refers to the pastry that is wrapped around savory and sweet pies. Homemade Phyllo Pastry Baklava is one the sweet which i wanted to try for so many years. The first time whichContinue Reading