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Be heard. Be valued. Be included.

TAKRAR. The highest number of live calls-taking show in North America! Political disputes and praise, Social issues and developments, updates from around the globe – join us! Your chance to see different perspectives, educate others and make it your own platform!

Live with Samina Jabeen – TAKRAR

Khel Ki Awaz

Khel ki Awaz is a sports based show Covering all the Cricket Games and Leagues from IPL to PSL, the shows covers match analysis and expert opinions from commentators, retired players and other experts in the sport.

Longest running Urdu – Hindi Sports TV show in Canada

Think About It

Every coin has two sides. Let’s look at the world in different perspectives – education, sports, business, conflicts and the future.

One man’s problem might be another’s solution. Flawed system, or a requirement? Think about it.


Dissect the issues with different opinions from different expert panelists.
TONIGHT TALK is Toronto’s top rated show. Ministers, many members of federal and provincial parliaments, Mayors of different cites, Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Social activists, Human rights activists, and many more have participated in the show. Hosted by Rizwan Aslam. Rizwan Aslam is a seasoned journalist, on-air correspondent, host of the popular show Tonight Talk, and Senior Global Affairs Analyst for Awaz Entertainment TV Channel based in Toronto Canada.

Safar e Nagmaat

A show which talks about how, When and whom the classic Songs were produced for.

Halat e Hazra

Research based show to get the information from experts on current affair and educate the viewers. Brief Discussion on things happening in the world with Government officials and personalities

Islam in Modern Time

Islam in Modern time highlights values of islamic society and social structure of Islamic system based on Quran and classical books of Authentic Hadith. It also explains tenets of Islam and it’s importance in our life

It aims  at explaining the foundations of the Muslims faith by exploring it from different angles , from the simplest fundamentals to the most complex questions of how faith applies to everyday lives.

Let’s Find Arts

A special show where the talented and artistic personalities’ talents are show cased

Aap Ka Kitchen

GTA’s Longest Running Cooking Show

Aap Ka Kitchen is cookery show where different types of recipes are cooked and shown


The Shows which spreads Awareness related to ongoing Events around the world

Baaton Hi Baaton Mein

Talk Show with different personalities who are accomplished in their fields

Sitare aur Hum

Discussing everything astrology

How simple implementation of signs and stars impact life

Realty Coffee Talk

Real estate is discussed and taught in detail on Realty Coffee Talk, a free public real estate TV Show.

Bacchon Ki Duniya

A Show solely designed for the Kids of age 4 – 15 where competitions are held to encourage them to be sprightly

Message of Mercy

Shaykh Faisal conveys the Message and Spirit of Islam in a language and style appropriate to the time in which we live

Rishton ka Safar

A match making program

Qasas Ul Anbiya

Stories of the Prophets is any of various collections of stories adapted from the Quran and other Islamic literature, closely related to exegesis of the Qur’an.

Live Jumu’ah Khutba

Live Jumu’ah Khutba Every Friday.